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  • You struggle with straightforward communication.
  • You’re not transparent about your budget.
  • You can’t distinguish between strategy and wishful thinking.
  • You can’t provide a clear project brief
  • You need immediate updates post-briefing
  • You don’t prioritize quality or clarity in vision and decisions.
  • “ASAP” is your one and only deadline.
  • You can’t handle tough questions.
  • You think creativity is mainly about aesthetics.
  • You can’t make decisions.
  • You think details do not matter
  • You believe your product is perfect as is.
  • You want everything done yesterday.
  • You can’t commit to deadlines.
  • You believe in overnight success.
  • You want to please everyone.
  • You think “good enough” is actually good enough.
  • You think feedback is optional.
  • You think “disruption” is just a buzzword.
  • You’re allergic to innovation.
  • You’re afraid of standing out.
  • You want to copy your competitors.
  • You’re obsessed with metrics that don’t matter.
  • You don’t value long-term relationships.
  • You think strategy is just a list of goals.


  • You want nice executions instead of thoughtful ideas.
  • You believe influencers drive long-term sales.
  • You prefer social media likes over sales.
  • You think customer experience ends at purchase.
  • You think every problem can be solved with technology.
  • You believe your brand plays a profound role in people’s lives.
  • You can’t handle a little sarcasm.
  • You’re still unsure about contacting me.
  • You think I’m joking about any of this.