Rebranding Flixbus / Logo Design / Illustration

In 2015, I was commissioned to rebrand the German start-up Flixbus, with the goal of developing a versatile branding system for global expansion. This comprehensive project included logo design, illustration, and more.

Scope of Work

  • Brand System Development: Created a cohesive branding system for Flix and its sub-brands: Flixmobility, Flixbus, and Flixtrain.
  • Logo Design: Designed new logos that align with the brand’s vision.
    Visual Identity: Developed the look and feel of the company, including guidelines, key visuals, illustrations, and icons for both offline and online use.
  • Brandbook and Styleguide: Defined comprehensive guidelines covering colors, icons, and overall style to ensure consistency.

Key Achievements

  • Global Branding: Created a branding system adaptable for global use.
  • Guidelines and Tools: Provided detailed guidelines to maintain brand consistency across all platforms.The rebranding of Flixbus was successfully launched in 2016.


The german hyperloop: Flixmobility

The rebranding played a crucial role in transforming Flixmobility into a well-known, successful company. The distinctive look and feel are now prominently featured on millions of products, including buses, trains, cars, bikes, TV spots, clothing, uniforms, and stores.